Lemony Loves…..This Smile

Stepping out with Little Love is like hanging with a celebrity. Is this because she’s a demanding Diva who insists on only the RED organic rice cakes? Well that’s part of it, but mostly it’s because of her dazzling and almost constant killer smile! She beams at everyone and I’m always turning round to see… [Continue Reading]

Lemony Loves….. Baker Street Quarter Food Market

Like most of the people who live and work in London I have a love/ hate relationship with our bustling capital. One day last week I had a morning of intense loathing for London due to two cancelled trains, mistakenly jumping on the wrong train, a diverted bus and a long walk in the pouring rain. This… [Continue Reading]

Lemony Loves…..Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Ok, so obviously this is not a foodie love but it is a product that I cannot live without and I feel duty bound to share with you gals. Now, I may have mentioned this before but I am a total klutz. This affliction manifests itself in the following ways: 1) I seem to leave… [Continue Reading]

Lemony Loves….Chai Latte

A Chai what? Tea with frothy milk??? This is the general response from British people when I profess my love for a Chai Latte. I’ve always felt that I was missing out on being a coffee drinker, I’ve tried and tried but I just don’t like taste, I can’t even go near a tiramisu. So,… [Continue Reading]

Lemony Loves…..Falcon Enamelwear

It seems that in every chic store or design emporium Mr Love and I visit, we  stumble upon Falcon Enamelwear. This 1920’s utilitarian classic is currently enjoying a rejuvenation with new ranges and heavenly limited edition colours. These stylish tins aren’t just a pretty face. They are made by fusing porcelain onto heavy-gauge steel, which makes them… [Continue Reading]