Hello lovelies, I do hope you’ve had a good week. We have just returned from a gorgeous half term break in Devon. Mr. L and I plunged head long into middle age as we stuck our national trust badge onto the Yeti and embarked on days filled with bracing walks, fish and chips by the… [Continue Reading]

Buckwheat Banana Brownies

Hello, hello! Here I am typing with a flushed face, not because I’ve been at the gin but because I haven’t posted a recipe since March 2016! I have no good excuses for you. It’s just the old working full-time/ parent crap that means I have zero time to do stuff like this. But, I… [Continue Reading]

Love Heart Explosion Cake for Little Love

Wow…. Little Love is TWO!! Boy did that fly by……and yet at the same time I feel as though I’ve aged about 10 years. But that’s normal, isn’t it? I finally feel as though I’m coming out of the baby fug and feel a bit more like myself and am getting used to being continuously… [Continue Reading]

Free Cakes For Kids – Dinosaur Cake

Hello chaps! How’s tricks? I’ve not blogged much of late but I have been baking a whole bunch and I’ve finally got around to sharing my baking adventures on Instagram ( welcome to 2010 Miss Love! ). Now, I’m super excited to tell you about a charitable movement that I have just joined called Free… [Continue Reading]


Hello! Oh it’s been a while… my last post was waaaaay back in drizzly old February and here we are in…er… drizzly August ( cue Mr Love muttering about the bloody awful crappy British weather ). While I’ve not had the time to blog I have managed to squeeze in a little baking. I have… [Continue Reading]

Bloomin’ Bakes

Mr Love and I have just had an offer accepted on a fab mid century modern flat with a large garden! Hurrah! At last I can plan the veg patch I’ve been hankering for and get properly excited about nurturing our little bit of green space in London. With this in mind we were swiftly… [Continue Reading]