Lemony Loves…..Falcon Enamelwear

It seems that in every chic store or design emporium Mr Love and I visit, we  stumble upon Falcon Enamelwear. This 1920’s utilitarian classic is currently enjoying a rejuvenation with new ranges and heavenly limited edition colours.

These stylish tins aren’t just a pretty face. They are made by fusing porcelain onto heavy-gauge steel, which makes them extremely durable and they cannot burn. The enamelware is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 530F / 270C, it can also be used on gas and electric hobs. They are also Lemony proof ( my friends call me Columso for a reason ) if you drop them they may chip but the wont break, hurrah! Plus they have a homely-chic look that’s perfect to serve straight to the table for a relaxed dinner party.

Mr L and I finally succumbed and treated ourselves to a gorgeous Pigeon Grey Bake Set. So far we’ve put them to work with roasts, sauces, bakes, cakes and these Nordic inspired pancakes.

Happily, they have scrubbed up perfectly after each use and I’m looking forward to some serious pie making now that winter is upon us!

Love Lemony x

P.S. Please note that I only post about things I really love and I have no affiliation with any companies!


  1. I absolutely love enamelware and have been collecting bits and pieces from car boot sales and charity shops over the years, and inheriting the odd bit from my mum! I had no idea they released new colours, the grey looks stunning!


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