Lemony Loves Making…Rag Ribbon Christmas Wreath

Hello and welcome to my first Lemony Loves Making project!

As we are hurtling towards Christmas, I thought this post should have a fittingly festive feel. So, get some Bing Crosby on the ipod and pull up a seat at the table as we make a bold and blousy wreath to festoon your front door.

You will need:

1 wire coat hanger
Pair of wire cutting pliers
Strips of scrap fabric approx 50cm x 10 cm – you can buy pre-cut strips from John Lewis ( see picture below )
Some strong sticky tape
Thin ribbon for hanging

 Get Set, Make!

Cut strips of fabric 10cm x 50cm. You can either be quite chic here and go for just one colour/ pattern or go as bonkers as you like depending on what cloth you have to hand! I used some pre-cut strips from John Lewis that cost £11 for a roll of 20 metre long 10cm lengths of cloth. All you have to do is cut the strips in half and you’re ready to rock.

Take your wire coat hanger and shape into a circle.

Cut the hook off using pliers and overlap the ends by 6 or 7cm. Tape together using strong sticky tape ( be careful of the sharp wire ends ).

Take a strip of fabric and tie it onto the wire ring with a nice neat and tight bow.

Continue in this way, alternating colour’s and prints as you wish until the whole ring in covered.

Now all you have to do is attach your thin ribbon and hang wherever you wish. Ta Da!! Easy, cheap and it looks divine, whats not to love?

Happy making!

Love Lemony x

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