Lemony Loves….Chai Latte

A Chai what? Tea with frothy milk??? This is the general response from British people when I profess my love for a Chai Latte.

I’ve always felt that I was missing out on being a coffee drinker, I’ve tried and tried but I just don’t like taste, I can’t even go near a tiramisu. So, I was giddy when I stumbled across Chai Lattes while Mr Love and I were living in Melbourne. They taste so flippin’ good that when I first tried it I ended up having 3 in a row and came over all  twitchy.

The Melburnians are VERY serious about their coffee ( it’s the only place where Starbucks has NOT flourished! ) so I guess it’s no surprise that they’ve totally rocked tea as well. Black tea spiced with cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper is blended with steamed milk, sweetened with honey and sprinkled with sweet cinnamon to create a smooth and spicy warming beverage.

Now we’ve returned to Blighty I’ve searched in vain for a decent Chai Latte. All the big coffee chains offer weak and overly sweet concoctions and I’m always left bitterly disappointed. I had high hopes for a Kiwi cafe in Carnaby St. but this still didn’t scratch my Chai itch.

So, dear readers please tell me if you know of any hidden gem cafe’s that brew up a good ‘n’ spicy Chai…..please…..anyone?

Yours ( very) Hopefully,

Lemony x

Picture: Caffiene & Cinnamon

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