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Like most of the people who live and work in London I have a love/ hate relationship with our bustling capital.

One day last week I had a morning of intense loathing for London due to two cancelled trains, mistakenly jumping on the wrong train, a diverted bus and a long walk in the pouring rain. This was topped off by the fact that I had no umbrella.

As I damply trudged towards the office dreaming of a career change that enable me to never deal with London transport again, I noticed a large sign up outside Portland Square Gardens, hailing the news that a Food Market would be there that day. On closer inspection I spied a group of chaps setting up their Gourmet Chorizo Sandwich stall. Hurrah! Loathing to loving in an instant!

All morning I looked forward to my juicy char grilled chorizo bap filled with roasted pepper and rocket and the chance to have a lovely foodie mooch at lunch.

I scurried out of the door at 12.15pm and soon after was sitting on the grass in the sunshine scoffing my delicious sarnie. Sure only Joey from Friends gets this excited about a sandwich?

The rest of my lunch hour was pleasantly spent perusing the stalls laden with artisan cheese, whoopie pies, crepes and, best of all, cake!

It was at one such stall where I was happily buying some Portuguese custard tarts for Mr. Love that a woman, joining the queue behind me, exclaimed “oohh cake!” much more loudly than she had realised. The collective chuckle and agreement was a lovely moment as usually Londoners can barely bring themselves to make eye contact, let alone speak or indeed laugh along with strangers.

I had a great time and skipped back to office clutching my tarts and cookie for a mid afternoon snack.

For more information about the market take a look here.


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See you there. I’m the one sitting in the middle of the grass stuffing a chorizo bap into my mouth.

Love Lemony x


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