Lemony Loves Baking – The Book & Merchandise

thebookHave I gone and got myself a fabulous publishing deal?! Will I soon be rolling out a gorgeous line of Miss Lemony Love merchandise?

In my dreams maybe……Well my two lovely best gal-pals ( lets call them ‘Uber Upstyler’ & ‘Mama Bear’ ) made my dreams come true this Christmas by gifting me with my very own cook book, filled with recipes from this blog and featuring a freakishly lifelike portrait of moi. I have to admit that I shed a tear or two when I realised just how much work Uber Upstyler put into this ( and it explains why my stats went through the roof! ).

the book insideMama Bear was behind this exquisite enamel tin resplendent with my baking moniker. I cannot wait to fill it with delicious cake.

the tinAnd so, to my wonderful friends, I feel blessed to have had you in my life for the last 15 years ( eeeek can you believe its been that long girls? ) from our days rocking it in the Student Union Bar, to fun packed, chaos filled lunches featuring our wonderful children. I would like say:


A Very Happy Lemony xxx


  1. This upstyler wouldn’t spend the time if you weren’t worth every minute! And do believe the stats – after being lucky enough to spend every night for 2 weeks solid looking at your blog, I am officially you’re biggest fan! Love you Lemon. Xxx

  2. Bleedin heck, absolutely amazing pressies! For people with kids you’re all embarrassingly productive!

    • Thats because its freezing cold and rainy here. we have to amuse ourselves! we can’t all lounge about in 40C sun you know! x

      • Well I am similarly barricaded in the house as 44 degrees isn’t my idea of fun so I really have no excuse for my lack of productivity!

  3. Simply Stylish says:

    What a wonderful gift! Well worth it for the Fantabulous Miss Lemony xxx

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