Marvelously Moist Maple Pecan Friands

Well hello there dear readers! – well at least I hope there are some readers, who knows! Im just gonna prattle on any how….

I have a confession to make……..I miss the British weather.

Yes I know I’m weird, Mr Love tells me all the time. But you know, I would really love a grey drizzly day so that I could stay inside my warm flat baking away without feeling guilty. Every time I look outside and see the sun blazing I feel I should be outside doing something people call ‘sport’. Unfortunately my body just isn’t made for such an activity, except when a favorite song comes on the radio and then I seem to be able to throw myself around to the music energetically enough.
Anyway, the blasted sunshine and blue skies are out there now, judging me because I’m inside baking, blogging and watching some classic 1970’s sci fi ( It’s a BBC TV series called Survivors and I’m addicted ).

At least in Melbourne this accusing climate doesn’t stay the same for very long. The old saying that you get four seasons in one day here is completely true, it can go from blue skies to hail in half an hour and then back again just as swiftly. This also means that Melburnians will engage in the peculiar British obsession of talking about the weather all the time, which I find enormously comforting. Yes, I know, weird.

Ignoring the heat wave outside I baked these little moist beauties. They smell divine and were deliciously devoured in front of the afore mentioned TV show.

Here’s how its done:


5 Large egg whites

185g Butter, melted and browned

125g Toasted and ground pecans + 12 extra for decorating

220g Icing sugar

75g Plain flour

1 good Tablespoon of maple syrup

Preheat oven to 180 C. Place pecans onto a baking sheet and pop them in the oven to toast.

Lightly grease a 12 hole friand tin.

Whisk the egg whites in bowl until amalgamated and lightly frothed.

Melt the butter over a medium heat until it turns a dark golden colour. This will enhance the nutty flavour of the friands.

Grind the pecans while they are still slightly warm. Add them to the mix along with the sifted icing sugar and maple syrup. Then stir in flour as lightly as possible.

Pour the batter into your prepared tin and place a toasted pecan on top of each friand. Bake in the centre of your oven for 15- 20 mins until springy to touch.

Make yourself a hot beverage and treat yourself to one of these lucsiously nutty cakes whilst ignoring – or if you are so inclined – enjoying the weather outside.

Much Love

Lemony x


  1. Mmmmm… Friands … Yum!


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