Over a year or so ago I jokingly mentioned that I should write a cookbook called 50 Fabulous Friands. I had all the zeal of someone newly converted and had fallen head over heels for this moist and nutty little cake. And then , like a giddy kitten I must’ve seen something else sparkly and kinda forgot about them.

That is until the other day when I needed some cake, pronto. I decided to bake a batch of friands, flavouring and styling half Lemon Drizzle and the other half Lamington ( both recipes to follow shortly ). My love for these fantastically versatile morsels was re-ignited and I have set myself the task of bringing you fifty delicious friand recipes over the coming months.

Here is my current Friand back catalogue to whet your appetite:

Rosemary Friands
Maple Pecan Friands
Chocolate & Pistachio Friands
Salted Caramel & Choc Chip Friands
Festive Friands
Hot Cross Friands
Strawberry Topped Chocolate Friand

So, only 43 to go then…..

Love Lemony x

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