Lemony Loves…..This Smile

smileStepping out with Little Love is like hanging with a celebrity. Is this because she’s a demanding Diva who insists on only the RED organic rice cakes? Well that’s part of it, but mostly it’s because of her dazzling and almost constant killer smile!

She beams at everyone and I’m always turning round to see an otherwise normal adult cooing and chatting back at her. ( Smiling babies and dogs are a special circumstance that allow British people to talk to each other ). At times people will stop and stare for what feels like an uncomfortable age – just marvelling at her gummy grin. Maybe I should provide popcorn.

I hope her sunshiny smile has brought you some cheer today!

Much Love

Lemony x








  1. Aww haha, I’m always cooing at babies, espeically the smiley ones! My boyfriend always laughs at me stopping to say hi to them in supermarkets!

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