I ( tried ) to make a minion cake!



  1. It was the most amazing cake ever! (Even if he did have a slight slump) I have never felt so cruel cutting into a cake though! Canny thank you enough Dahl. So lucky to have such a talented sis inlaw! All hail Miss Lemony xxx

  2. myladysapphire says:

    Omgosh, this was the funniest/most ADORABLE blog post I have read in *ages*! I had tears from laughing as I read your story while peeking back and forth at the photos to go along with! His age progression pot belly kills me! >< I found your blog from a post you left @ the things {we} make, and this is my first post I've read of yours. Now I can't wait to browse through the rest of your blog! It's also adorable how there's a little lemon on the tab of my browser for your site! 🙂 Great job on everything, Lemony! xo

    • lemo9809 says:

      Thanks so much! I can laugh about this cake now but at the time it was really stressful!

      Hope you stop by again soon x

  3. awh, those adventures are never fun ): and i’m sure he still looked amazing, even after the fondant 911.

    • Oh Heather, It was so stressfull! And he really did look pretty bad by the time we got there…. tasted good though! x

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