Free Cakes For Kids – Dinosaur Cake

freecakeslogoHello chaps! How’s tricks? I’ve not blogged much of late but I have been baking a whole bunch and I’ve finally got around to sharing my baking adventures on Instagram ( welcome to 2010 Miss Love! ).

Now, I’m super excited to tell you about a charitable movement that I have just joined called Free Cakes For Kids.

The idea is simple but genius, baking for families who find it difficult, for whatever reason, to provide a birthday cake for their child. This means that not only does the child get to feel special ( or in fact just like any other kid ) on their birthday but it also means that the family can have a celebration as they have something to share with their community.

Founded in December 2008 by Henriette Lundgren in Oxford, Free Cakes for Kids now has nearly 60 groups and many more volunteers across the country. I have joined my local group in Bromley, Kent – they now have about 24 volunteer bakers who I can’t wait to meet at one their regular cake fueled catch ups.FCFK dino cake1So, my first assignment was for a little boy turning 5 who adored chocolate and dinosaurs. Here is the cake I made for him. Four layers of moist chocolate sponge – I used this recipe – with a simple chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate coated popping candy and adorned with fondant leaves and dinosaur toys. Not only was this a foolproof way of decorating but I figured he’d also get to play with the dinosaur toys long after cake was devoured.


FCFK dino cake2I hope he enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed baking it!

If you’re interested in volunteering for this fabulous organisation then click on the large logo at the top of this post and it will take you to the main website. Here you can find out if you have a local group already or how to set up a group in your area.

Much Love

Lemony xxx




  1. What a wonderful idea for an organisation. Every child should have a birthday cake. Really loved to hear and see the thought and effort you put into making a 5 year old boy’s day. Maybe I should try and spread the idea to Australia? But I might need more practice first!

    • Hi Karin, what a great idea to spread Free Cakes to Australia! It’s such a fab idea. Sadly there are a lot of children who have never had a birthday cake before receiving their Free Cakes For Kids bake. x

  2. Hey, this looks fantastic! I love the idea of having decorations that he can play with after. Genius! I’ll keep that in mind of my next FCFK cake! Well done

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