Love Heart Explosion Cake for Little Love

birthday cake

Wow…. Little Love is TWO!! Boy did that fly by……and yet at the same time I feel as though I’ve aged about 10 years. But that’s normal, isn’t it?

I finally feel as though I’m coming out of the baby fug and feel a bit more like myself and am getting used to being continuously exhausted and skint. I’ve been back in the kitchen a lot more instead of flollopping ( is that a word? ) on the sofa in front of Modern Family re-runs and am trying to carve out time to actually do this writing bit – which I love just as much as the baking.

In this new ‘can-do’ spirit, I decided to really push myself to learn some new cake decorating techniques whilst making Little Loves birthday cake. I told a good friend of mine this and she said ‘But, isn’t that like deciding to try something you’ve never baked before in The Bake-Off tent?”.

Yes, yes dear readers she was right. Not only did I have the task of organising the flippin’ party but deciding to make heart biscuit lollies for every guest to take home as well as a stacked, ombre iced, biscuit decorated cake was, in hindsight, completely ridiculous.

Mr. Love did try to tell me simplify all this, but did I listen? Did I heck….

I was inspired by Juliet Sears biscuit explosion cake from her Cakeology book ( which is excellent by the way – you can buy it here ) and used her recipe for the vanilla love heart biscuits. I made a four tier vanilla sponge, filled with a fresh raspberry filling for the base and made a three layer chocolate cake ( using Juliet’s recipe ) with an Oreo buttercream filling for the top-tier. I followed Juliet’s instructions for stacking the cake and then smothered the lot in a sorbet toned orange to pink ombre effect buttercream ( I also followed Juliet’s instructions for this! ).

For the heart biscuits, I once again referred to Jules ( I can call her that now, right? ) and iced them with royal icing to match the ombre buttercream – which I found really tricky! It takes a lot of practice to pipe royal icing outlines neatly and mine looks pretty ropey if you look closely. I also made a load of biscuit lollies for all our guest to enjoy at home.

heart bicuits

After decorating the cake with the biscuits I topped it off with two large neon pink candles ( bought from Tiger – also an excellent place to get pass the parcel goodies ).

TA DA!!!! I was pretty happy with how it turned out – I learnt a lot – and everyone really loved eating it. The best thing, of course, was seeing Little Loves face when she saw it and how she sweetly sang along to us all chorusing ‘Happy Birthday’. Unbelievably cute.

Love Lemony xxx

P.S I haven’t included the recipes here as I used Juliet’s directly from the book.







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