Easter Egg Friands

egg friandsHappy Easter!

Sorry to be so tardy with this Easter recipe but I’ve only just come round from a chocolate coma. Plus our Game Of Thrones Season 5 Box Set just arrived so….’nuff said.

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a fabulous decorating hack. For an easy Easter treat simply bake up a batch of your fave flavoured friands in a proper friand tin with egg-cellently shaped oval holes. Add a slick of buttercream and decorate with fancy fondant icing. TA DA, a batch of gorgeous little cakes that look like Easter Eggs!

This batch – looking all snug in they’re tin – came with me to work last week and cheered up the team after working so hard on our Summer 2017 trend presentation. I spent a very happy evening decorating these. There’s something wonderfully zen about rolling out fondant into pretty shapes and patterns. I also got to use my geo-patterned rolling pin that a good friend bought me an absolute age ago. I think this create-and-go methodology is what I love about baking. I can be inspired to make something and have it all baked in an evening. In my day job it takes 6 months, a week in China and about a million different meetings before a range is signed off!

Oooofffff…I’m exhausted just thinking about it…time for another slab of the Lindt Bunny and another episode of GOT……

Enjoy the rest of the holiday you lovely lot!

Lemony xxxxx






  1. Ooooh so pretty. We love a friand. x

  2. Lemony!! What’s happened to you?! You haven’t made a post since March!? (I think? Doesn’t it go to your most recent post when you click on your Logo?) Have you abandonded your Blog? If so, I’ll be so sad. Your posts are so adorable, and always make me smile. If you’re not coming back, I wish you the very best, and am so very glad you’ve given us a little part of your life to enjoy. 🙂 <3

    • Hey! thanks so much for your comment. Blog not abandoned just got overtaken by work and a 3 year old!I hope you continue to stop by, will try my best to entertain! xx

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