Weekend Wanderings At Prahran Market

In my Fresh Figgy Loaf post I talked about the things I will miss about Melbourne when Mr Love and I return to London. Prahran Market is pretty near the top of my list of  favourite places to mooch about in foody heaven.

As Australia’s oldest continually running  market it has a very special atmosphere and is a haven for culinary junkies, locals doing their weekly shop and tourists alike. It also holds another treasure that I will miss – The Essential Ingredient Store and Cooking School. I have previously spoken about my love/addiction for this store in my Vanilla/ Vanilla post.

Anyway, during my market wanderings at the weekend I took the camera along to snap some memories. Some of the stall holders gave me some odd looks as my camera converged on their root vegetables, but they were super friendly as always, suggesting some unusual shots and offering tastings of their lovely produce.

I hope you enjoy perusing these pictures just as much as I adored taking them.

For more info on the market, how to get there and even some tasty looking recipes, check out their website http://www.prahranmarket.com.au/about

Much Love
Lemony x


  1. I love fresh produce photography. So many delicious colours and textures.

  2. Hi Lemony! This post struck a chord with me as I am a Melburnian living abroad and Prahran Market is a place I miss too – I recently posted about my visit there back in April. The good news for you is that you have Borough Market and others to look forward to back in London! Such beautiful markets are hard to come by where I live in the Middle East but I guess that does make it all the more special when you do get to visit one. Thanks for sharing your pics and good luck with your move home 🙂

    • Hi Amy,
      I’m so glad this post brought back some happy Melbourne memories for you! I will visiting Borough Market very soon and I dearly hope that the Chorizo in-a-bun man is still there!

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