Basil Breezer – A Refreshing Drink To Celebrate Summer’s Last Hurrah

This weekend I’ve been clinging onto summer by the very tips of my fingernails.

As I’ve mentioned before Mr Love and I haven’t experienced a winter for a while following our move back from Melbourne. Its fair to say that we are both anticipating the cold and wet with not a small amount of dread. So when the sun came out last Sunday I was straight out into the garden slipping on my shades and reaching for a tartan blanket to throw on the grass.

Obviously all this dashing about left me parched! We know that necessity is the mother of invention, and so I soon headed into the kitchen to rustle up something suitable to celebrate summer’s last hurrah.

This is fab little drinkie is a perfect refresher for a hot day. It’s also a great option for those abstaining from alcohol as it feels like you’re sipping on something special rather than a normal soft drink. Oh, and its ridiculously easy….. happy days.

Basil Breezer

Take a highball glass and throw in lots of ice and a small handful of fresh basil leaves. Top with good quality lemonade and smoosh ( its a technical term ) around so the basil infuses into the fizz.  Finish with a straw. If you’re having a ‘Del-Boy’ kind of day add a paper brolly and sparkler. See…easy!

Lemony x

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