Meet Miss Love

Well hello, a hearty welcome to the world of Miss Lemony Love!  I live in London and by day I am a women’s accessories designer. In every other waking moment I am a self confessed bake-aholic, mocked by my friends for my enthusiastic use of a certain citrus fruit.


My passion for baking began standing on a small wooden stool in the kitchen with my Mum making jam tarts. How my Dad choked down the concrete pastry I will never know but ever since then I have loved nothing more than cheering my friends and family with sweet treats.

So that we can get to know each other better, here’s a little insight into some of the things Lemony Loves…….

BBC Radio 4.

Relaxed dinners with lovely chums.

Hendricks gin ( with Fever Tree tonic and big slice of cucumber ).

Classic movies, …. “Oh, Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars.”

Science Fiction and Fantasy…. Dr WHo, Game Of Thrones, John Wyndam, Terry Pratchett all transport me to magical/ exciting/ scary places.

A nice cup of tea….and a sit down.

Singing, all the time, everywhere. My Karaoke song is Suspicious Minds by Elvis complete with lunges and windmill arms.

Black cabs, simply the best taxi drivers in the world – especially ones called Bernie.

Bunting. We had heaps of it at the Mr & Mrs Love wedding, natch.

and of course the Loves of my life.

the loves

Just so you know, some of my early posts are written whilst Mr Love & I were enjoying a sojourn in Melbourne, Australia – he being of the antipodian persuasion.

Many thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoy this blog and possibly even find a recipe or two to bake at home and share with the people you love.

Lemony x