How to brighten up a miserable ( seriously! this is August FFS ) British morning? With cake of course! preferably dipped in eggy mix and fried. Then slather in maple syrup and adorn with yogurt and berries at your leisure. I always used to hate mornings. I’d shoehorn myself out of bed as late as… [Continue Reading]


Hello! Oh it’s been a while… my last post was waaaaay back in drizzly old February and here we are in…er… drizzly August ( cue Mr Love muttering about the bloody awful crappy British weather ). While I’ve not had the time to blog I have managed to squeeze in a little baking. I have… [Continue Reading]

Marmelade & Almond Loaf Cake

Hello lovely, how are you? How am I? Well if I’m honest I’m feeling a little out of step. It seems everyone I know is either spiralizing all their veg, making kale smoothies in their shiny new Nutribullet or whipping up some of some Ella’s sweet potato ‘brownies’ ( blurgh…mashed up sweet potato, dates and… [Continue Reading]


Ahhh L’amour, L’amour… Its February already and Valentines Day is upon us! This year I decided to make a luscious Peppermint Chocolate cake for my beloved Mr Love. We have been together for 15 years and unbelievably we still really like each other. It gets considerably harder to be romantic and spontaneous as the years… [Continue Reading]

Christmas Tiffin

Its official…. its Christmas time! How do know this? Because the Pret Christmas Sandwich has hit the shelves of course. For most people it’s the crunch of frost under foot or the sweet earthy smell of roasting chestnuts on Oxford Street that signal the start of the festive season. But, for me it’s this epic… [Continue Reading]

Cinnamon Scented Chocolate & Blackberry Cupcakes

Hello peeps! It’s been a while since I’ve bothered your inbox hasn’t it? Well, It’s amazing how a baby can suck all the free time you have, huh? Seriously, what the heckins did I do with all my time pre-bub? I feel as though I’m only just getting to grips with this Working-Mum THING…. it’s… [Continue Reading]

I ( tried ) to make a minion cake!

Rhubarb & Ginger Brownies

Hello peeps! It’s been an age since I posted anything…..this is because I have returned to work after 10 months of maternity leave and my life has basically been non-stop-hell-on-wheels. It feels completely crazy to slot back into your old life even though your whole world has been turned upside down. Luckily we have found… [Continue Reading]

Lime & Sea Salt Brownies

I only have 3 weeks until I go back to work. Feeling somewhat depressed about this a good mate of mine asked me to list the positives of jumping back into the rat race….here goes… 1) I get to go to the loo ON MY OWN. No jiggling Little Love on my knee to save… [Continue Reading]

Lemony Loves…..This Smile

Stepping out with Little Love is like hanging with a celebrity. Is this because she’s a demanding Diva who insists on only the RED organic rice cakes? Well that’s part of it, but mostly it’s because of her dazzling and almost constant killer smile! She beams at everyone and I’m always turning round to see… [Continue Reading]