Jaffa Friands

Oh, readers…. I have just spent a rare and treasured baby-free hour writing up this blog post, hit spellcheck and somehow lost it all. Sob! It was a fun post about cake, Bank Holidays, cake, hanging with my best friends and our brood, cake…oh and Hugh Jackman *sigh*. And now I have 5 minutes before… [Continue Reading]

Coconut Sugar & Spelt Banana Cake

Howdy! Nice to see you all on the flip side of Easter. How was it for you? Mr Love, Little Love and I enjoyed a little holiday in sunny Suffolk…I say holiday but really its just a change of scenery when you have a 7 month old baby. Still, what it lacked in relaxation it… [Continue Reading]

Orange & Chocolate Easter Nest Cake

I have a slight obsession with John Lewis. No, not a random bloke but the department store on Oxford St. I can happily while away several hours here, picking up my Liz Earle beauty essentials, choosing a new OPI nail polish, ferreting in the fabric remnants and pouring over the super-cute ‘Kin’ baby clothes. So… [Continue Reading]

coconut & lime friands

Hello you devilishly lovely thing! May I say that you’re looking fabulous…… Whats that? Do I have physic powers that enable me to see my lovely readers…. Nope, unfortunately not, but who doesn’t love a gorgeous compliment every now and then? Plus if you’ve been drawn to my tiny corner of the interweb then you… [Continue Reading]

Lemon & Blueberry Friands

Welcome to another Fabulous Friand recipe! 9 down and just 41 to go…..its fine…totally fine…. I can do it…. I CAN DO IT I TELL YOU! These zingy little cakes, studded with jammy blueberries are perfect to have for elevenses with a cuppa. You really don’t need to gussy them up as I have done… [Continue Reading]

Coconut Lime Macaroons

Well Hello! I do hope you are well? Unfortunately, the Love household has just come through a bought of gastro, which left me feeling like I should paint a large black cross on our front door. This meant that my first Mothers Day was a total wash out, instead of relishing a full body massage… [Continue Reading]


They say that ‘Good things come to those who wait’. Well, here is the brownie that proves it. Its been a few weeks since I blogged……yes I’ve been held hostage by the Tiny Despot once again and generally got bogged down in LIFE. Still, I haven’t been entirely idle on the baking front. Everyday Little-Love… [Continue Reading]


So, this was supposed to be my Valentines Post….. unfortunately Little Love aka the tiny despot kinda got in the way of me snatching a few minutes at the laptop. I’ve been wading through oceans of teething drool, dodging the catapulted sweet potato puree and wiping rancid puke from my cleavage. Fun! I do hope… [Continue Reading]


Sometimes Mr Love has some great ideas…such as “Will you marry me?” or “Lets have a baby”. Unfortunately, some other notions haven’t panned out quite so well. To be fair most of these have involved dodgy facial hair – even the mention of ‘lamb chop whiskers’ gives me a stress twitch. Whilst munching on a… [Continue Reading]


Over a year or so ago I jokingly mentioned that I should write a cookbook called 50 Fabulous Friands. I had all the zeal of someone newly converted and had fallen head over heels for this moist and nutty little cake. And then , like a giddy kitten I must’ve seen something else sparkly and… [Continue Reading]