Hello! Oh it’s been a while… my last post was waaaaay back in drizzly old February and here we are in…er… drizzly August ( cue Mr Love muttering about the bloody awful crappy British weather ). While I’ve not had the time to blog I have managed to squeeze in a little baking. I have… [Continue Reading]

Apple & Blackberry Cupcakes

Ahhh, another day another cupcake! Even though we are still enjoying the sunshiny days of summer, this bake has a distinctly autumnal feel about it. The hedgerows here in Blighty are now heaving with juicy berries, studding the sides of our dreary roads like glistening jewels. All these lovely cakes require is a couple of… [Continue Reading]

Apple Tosca Cake

So, you liked the Kinda Tosca Cake eh? I do hope so! Hows about we take it up a notch? I’ve been dying to make something with an apple and pine nut combo since I sampled a delectable pastry from the achingly cool Movida Bakery in South Yarra, Melbourne. Here you will find a gourmet… [Continue Reading]