Buckwheat Banana Brownies

Hello, hello! Here I am typing with a flushed face, not because I’ve been at the gin but because I haven’t posted a recipe since March 2016! I have no good excuses for you. It’s just the old working full-time/ parent crap that means I have zero time to do stuff like this. But, I… [Continue Reading]

Banana Brownies

Hello lovely people! I do hope you’ve had a restful Sunday. We are couch-ridden as we’ve gorged on roast lamb with all the trimmings and these rather splendid Banana Brownies. This feast was shared with some old college friends, Mark and Little Ed ( so-called as Mr Love is known as Big Ed ) –… [Continue Reading]

Lime & Sea Salt Brownies

I only have 3 weeks until I go back to work. Feeling somewhat depressed about this a good mate of mine asked me to list the positives of jumping back into the rat race….here goes… 1) I get to go to the loo ON MY OWN. No jiggling Little Love on my knee to save… [Continue Reading]

Bye-Bye Brownies

This week Mr Love and I have been furiously packing and saying cheerio to all our friends and family here in Melbourne. This has involved an inquisitive and authentic Italian dinner with chums at Pinotta in Fitzroy, a taco ‘experience’ and eye-watering margaritas with Family and a 5 hour karaoke session with the girls. I… [Continue Reading]