Bye-Bye Brownies

This week Mr Love and I have been furiously packing and saying cheerio to all our friends and family here in Melbourne. This has involved an inquisitive and authentic Italian dinner with chums at Pinotta in Fitzroy, a taco ‘experience’ and eye-watering margaritas with Family and a 5 hour karaoke session with the girls. I… [Continue Reading]

Buttermilk Blondies

  On the way back from work the other day I mentioned to Mr. Love that I had been inspired by the excellent blog The Little Loaf to make some Blondies. First I had to explain what Blondies were – “they’re brownies but without the brown” I said, he promptly stopped the car and told be to… [Continue Reading]

Salted Caramel & Choc Chip Friands

I first had salted caramel chocolates several years ago from Selfridges in London. I adore anything that has a salty/sweet flavour ( Mr L and I always go halvesies on the salted/sweet popcorn at the movies ) but these choccies were close to a transcendental experience. And as you know, I am also very fond of a Friand ( I’m contemplating… [Continue Reading]

Chocolate & Pistachio Friands

So, I’m thinking of writing a book called 50 Fabulous Friands. What do you think? would you buy it?! Friands really are fabulous after all. Seriously, move over cupcakes, get out of the way whoopie pies, there’s a new petite cake in baking town! They are ridiculously easy and ALWAYS turn out well. I whipped these up last night as I… [Continue Reading]