Blood Orange & Poppy Seed Friands

Well, hello! Hooray for the weekend! Oooooooph what a week. Work is crazy – I’m currently working on A/W 2016 and starting S/S17 so I’ve no idea where the heckins I am right now! Throw in two days of schlepping round Paris for samples and inspiration ( we walked over 9 miles each day according… [Continue Reading]

coconut & lime friands

Hello you devilishly lovely thing! May I say that you’re looking fabulous…… Whats that? Do I have physic powers that enable me to see my lovely readers…. Nope, unfortunately not, but who doesn’t love a gorgeous compliment every now and then? Plus if you’ve been drawn to my tiny corner of the interweb then you… [Continue Reading]


Sometimes Mr Love has some great ideas…such as “Will you marry me?” or “Lets have a baby”. Unfortunately, some other notions haven’t panned out quite so well. To be fair most of these have involved dodgy facial hair – even the mention of ‘lamb chop whiskers’ gives me a stress twitch. Whilst munching on a… [Continue Reading]


Over a year or so ago I jokingly mentioned that I should write a cookbook called 50 Fabulous Friands. I had all the zeal of someone newly converted and had fallen head over heels for this moist and nutty little cake. And then , like a giddy kitten I must’ve seen something else sparkly and… [Continue Reading]

Hot Cross Friands

Well, here we all are on the eve of a long bank holiday weekend. Four gorgeous days of no work, hurrah! Mr Love and I are off on a jaunt to Somerset this weekend and I fear it will remind me of my British based childhood holidays ie, being cold and wet most of the… [Continue Reading]

Festive Friands

Its one week to go before Christmas and so I thought I’d give you all a little Lemony present! No, it’s not talc or a pair of comedy slippers but this fantastically tasty and stupidly easy alternative to mince pies. I’ve fallen back on my old favourite – the friand – to create a moist… [Continue Reading]

Salted Caramel & Choc Chip Friands

I first had salted caramel chocolates several years ago from Selfridges in London. I adore anything that has a salty/sweet flavour ( Mr L and I always go halvesies on the salted/sweet popcorn at the movies ) but these choccies were close to a transcendental experience. And as you know, I am also very fond of a Friand ( I’m contemplating… [Continue Reading]

Aussie Passion Friands

I know, I know, another flippin’ friand recipe! It’s getting ridiculous isn’t it? On the other hand I only have 46 more friand recipes to go until my 50 Fabulous Friands book is complete! Hurrah! I really hope you don’t hold this friand obsession against me. I promise to give them a rest for a… [Continue Reading]

Chocolate & Pistachio Friands

So, I’m thinking of writing a book called 50 Fabulous Friands. What do you think? would you buy it?! Friands really are fabulous after all. Seriously, move over cupcakes, get out of the way whoopie pies, there’s a new petite cake in baking town! They are ridiculously easy and ALWAYS turn out well. I whipped these up last night as I… [Continue Reading]

Rosemary Friands

After a hard week at the fashion grindstone here I am relaxing in my kitchen, cuppa in hand after baking some Rosemary Friands. Don’t you just love to crush rosemary between your fingertips and inhale its deliciously cleansing scent? I have often made Nigella’s Rosemary Cake and at present I am friand crazy ( so… [Continue Reading]