Easter Egg Friands

Happy Easter! Sorry to be so tardy with this Easter recipe but I’ve only just come round from a chocolate coma. Plus our Game Of Thrones Season 5 Box Set just arrived so….’nuff said. This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a fabulous decorating hack. For an easy Easter treat simply bake up… [Continue Reading]

Jaffa Friands

Oh, readers…. I have just spent a rare and treasured baby-free hour writing up this blog post, hit spellcheck and somehow lost it all. Sob! It was a fun post about cake, Bank Holidays, cake, hanging with my best friends and our brood, cake…oh and Hugh Jackman *sigh*. And now I have 5 minutes before… [Continue Reading]


Over a year or so ago I jokingly mentioned that I should write a cookbook called 50 Fabulous Friands. I had all the zeal of someone newly converted and had fallen head over heels for this moist and nutty little cake. And then , like a giddy kitten I must’ve seen something else sparkly and… [Continue Reading]

Marvelously Moist Maple Pecan Friands

Well hello there dear readers! – well at least I hope there are some readers, who knows! Im just gonna prattle on any how…. I have a confession to make……..I miss the British weather. Yes I know I’m weird, Mr Love tells me all the time. But you know, I would really love a grey… [Continue Reading]