Marmelade & Almond Loaf Cake

Hello lovely, how are you? How am I? Well if I’m honest I’m feeling a little out of step. It seems everyone I know is either spiralizing all their veg, making kale smoothies in their shiny new Nutribullet or whipping up some of some Ella’s sweet potato ‘brownies’ ( blurgh…mashed up sweet potato, dates and… [Continue Reading]

Beetroot & Orange Loaf Cake

Hello dearest reader! If you’re in the UK are you melting?? Yes, me too! Being 7 1/2 months pregnant I already feel like I’m the same heat as the sun, so this current weather is a challenge. I’m particularly loving my train journey to and from work…especially when all my makeup has slid down to… [Continue Reading]

Pistachio & Cherry Loaf Cake

One of the things I really like about baking is making something that looks and tastes homemade. I love a dark and over spilling cake crust, knobbly crisp pastry and that unmistakable buttery crumb of a cake baked at home. All this can be forgotten at times when I get wrapped up in Blog world… [Continue Reading]