Blood Orange & Poppy Seed Friands

Well, hello! Hooray for the weekend! Oooooooph what a week. Work is crazy – I’m currently working on A/W 2016 and starting S/S17 so I’ve no idea where the heckins I am right now! Throw in two days of schlepping round Paris for samples and inspiration ( we walked over 9 miles each day according… [Continue Reading]

Jaffa Friands

Oh, readers…. I have just spent a rare and treasured baby-free hour writing up this blog post, hit spellcheck and somehow lost it all. Sob! It was a fun post about cake, Bank Holidays, cake, hanging with my best friends and our brood, cake…oh and Hugh Jackman *sigh*. And now I have 5 minutes before… [Continue Reading]

Festive Friands

Its one week to go before Christmas and so I thought I’d give you all a little Lemony present! No, it’s not talc or a pair of comedy slippers but this fantastically tasty and stupidly easy alternative to mince pies. I’ve fallen back on my old favourite – the friand – to create a moist… [Continue Reading]